Miniature Perfumes

Miniature Perfumes are also known as Mini Fragrances!

What are mini fragrances?

Tiny versions of normal size fragrances – exactly the same as the branded fragrances you would find in any department store or boutique, just miniature versions!

How big is a mini fragrance?

There is no ‘standard’ size for a mini perfume; however the majority contains between 4 – 8ml of fragrance and stands about 4 – 8cm tall.

Who makes them and why?

Most of the major fragrance houses make miniature versions of their available fragrances. They are usually made for one of three reasons: convenient portable size for travel or handbag; to give as free samples at events or in-store; or as limited edition collectors’ items.

Is the fragrance the same as in the big bottles?

Yes, the fragrance in the miniature bottles is exactly the same as in the bigger bottles.

Do they come with a spray?

Some mini perfumes do come with a spray. However, due to their small size, many miniature fragrances have stopper tops instead of spray tops, as a spray is not practical on such a small bottle. To apply, remove the stopper from the top of the bottle, place the bottle opening on the skin, and invert.

Are mini perfumes refillable?

Most mini fragrances come with a stopper top, and they can be refilled using a small funnel. Minis with spray tops are not refillable.

What is a purse spray?

A purse spray is really just a slightly larger version of a miniature perfume, with a spray top. Typically holding about 10-20ml of perfume, they are a convenient size to carry with you in your bag.

Are your items authentic?

We guarantee that all our items are authentic, and are very careful to source our products only from the Fragrance Houses directly.

Why does it say ‘sample – not for sale’ on some of the packaging?

A number of miniature fragrances are made to be given away as free samples at promotional events or in-store. High street shops and department stores are therefore not supposed to sell these fragrances on, as they are designed for trial. However we have had to purchase these miniatures from our suppliers, and so are able to price these accordingly.

Are mini perfumes cellophane wrapped?

The majority of mini fragrances are not cellophane wrapped. However all the products we sell are new, unused and unopened.